Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sweet loot OR a bunch of recent illustrations

Here's a selection of some of my recent work for various clients...

"Weight-watcher" babies | Fit Pregnancy

Infants who were breastfed may be better able to recognize when they're full.

How I told him | Fit Pregnancy

How the writer told her husband they are going to have a baby.

Finishing touches | CA Magazine

For an article about the the IFRS deadline.

My Journey to New Delhi | Cincinnati Magazine

The writer telling a story about going to a new hookah cafe and smoking with his sons.

Making the cut | Remodeling Magazine

Management team opts for pay cuts to ride out the recession.

So much for the resolution | Boston Magazine

About not making resolutions that never last.

American gothic | Owl Magazine

For the comic issue, where a group of artists interpret the painting 'American Gothic' to show various styles of cartooning.

Naming a godfather | Fit Pregnancy

About naming a godfather. (I went with a little bit of Usual Suspects imagery here)

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