Friday, July 04, 2008

NEW WORK | Science Magazine

Newton's Ghosts | Science Magazine

These four spot illustrations were created for the summer books feature in the July issue of Science Magazine.

The first illo is for Ghostwalk, a historical novel by Rebecca Stott that tells a story involving Isaac Newton and mysterious deaths.

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First adventures in science | Science Magazine

For a new book edited by Sherry Turkle called Falling for Science that collects stories from students at MIT, as well as from scientists, engineers, and designers talking about their paths to science and what sparked their imagination.

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Inspiring experiences in science | Science magazine

Three books from the Women's Adventures in Science series designed to encourage young readers to get interested in science. The illo for this one dealt specifically with the book Gorilla Mountain by Rene Ebersole. It's about the life of wildlife biologist Amy Vedder.

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Cities not built to last | Science Magazine

For a review of Arthur C. Clarke's first novel The City and the Stars. I was really excited to work on this spot. I love science fiction, yet it's not something that comes up in my work very often. One of my dream jobs would be doing an illustrated version of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

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