Friday, April 25, 2008

NEW WORK | Harvard Business Review

The new interstitial | Harvard Business Review

1/2 page and 4 spots for the "Forethought" section of the May 2008 issue. The above illustration was for an article about new ways of advertising with the primary example being video screens in elevators. Below are the finals for the 4 spots along with examples of my sketches for each one.

• Sketches

Working in the gray zone | Harvard Business Review

About using company resources to work on personal projects.

• Sketches

Even the poorest can be served, profitably | Harvard Business Review

About companies being able to do good and make a profit among the poor populations of developing countries.

• Sketches

Halting the exodus after a layoff | Harvard Business Review

About the problem of employees feeling demoralized and quitting after layoffs.

• Sketches


Anonymous said...

I lik ethe sinking ship image.

Alex said...

Great boat!